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Dan Magee leaves Blueprint Skateboards

After 15 years of steering the ship creatively at Blueprint Skateboards, Dan Magee officially left the company last night to persue his career in film. Posting on this on his instagram acount last night, he said:

“A few years ago, I decide to invest a skate business, that I felt would secure my future working in skateboarding and help push Blueprint & its riders forward. Ironically, certain events meant this investment had the opposite effect of my original intentions. As a result, I was not able to work on Blueprint with the same passion I used to have. Although this transition has been ongoing over the past two years, recent events have helped me to decide that it’s time to officially move on from my 15 years as Creative Director at Blueprint and concentrate on ‘the day job’. Thanks and respect to all those who have been involved with Blueprint along the way and all those that had my back when I needed it. Thanks to Paul Shier who continues to run the brand, as he has during my last couple of years on ‘hiatus’. I still hope to film, work in and be involved with skateboarding on a freelance and personal level for years to come.” – Dan Magee

Photo: CN