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Crossfire Triple Shot – Skate Photography Feature

I guess we are always looking towards the future and reporting the past here at Crossfire, so we are stoked to let you in on a forthcoming feature series that will start this week here in the Skate Zine.

Many skate photographers worldwide have been invited to take part in a photography feature called the Crossfire Triple Shot where famous skate photographers will be interviewed and also provide us with 3 of their fave photo’s with text that include:

1. Their most inspirational skate photo shot by someone else.
2. The photographers very own favourite ever skate pic.
3. Another fave shot from the photographer that is not skate led.

Invites have been sent to many UK photographers including Richie Hopson, Leo Sharpe, David “Styley” Steel, Wig Worland and many more, plus international guests include Rhino from Thrasher, Swedish photographer Jonas Adolfsson, the legendary Bryce Kanights and many, many more.

The first feature starts with photographer Dominic Marley whose shots are used by Sidewalk Magazine and also Blueprint Skateboards to name a couple…find out the full story with Dom here.