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Crossfire visits the Sole Tech Lab

This week Crossfire writer Joe Moynihan has been jetted out to California to visit the the much talked about Sole Technology Institute where Emerica, éS and Etnies shoes are tested to make the highest performing skateboarding footwear around.

Joe will be covering their technology first hand and reporting on the very new G-2 Platinum and e-suede demonstrations alongside rider appearances to personally discuss their new pro models. We will bring you a feature to follow on this site very soon. For now though, here’s his Blog update from the boy wonder, expect more to be added as it comes in…

Straight into the good stuff. Sole Tech know how to live

Pierre’s Marina Lofts have a lovely area of flatland in between that’s great for quick games of SKATE. Here is Holger von Krosigk from Place bragging to Soma’s fred demard about the size of his deck.

This is how the living room looks most of the time.

Angel from Uno magazine doing another one of his incredible tourist impressions.

Having such smooth floor for walking purposes is a breach of natural law. blas for me, blas for you, blas for everybody.

Fred couldn’t wait to take advantage of the no ‘no breakdancing’ rule on mary whitehouse’s pier.

Mindfield got RINSED. and we eurofags loved every bit.

Pierre’s pad is packed with some mental furniture. All skate-related too; the dude is a serious lifer. Props on the leather skateboards that fix onto armchairs. Even more props for holger who managed to 360 flip the thing. Regoddamndiculous.

The man, the myth, the legend. Pierre’s work with soletech has essentially changed most skateboarders lives for the better, even if they didn’t know it. Give up some love for Pierre and mini-Pierre (who is apparently repping Emerica already. Don).

Pierre and Angel shooting the really fucking cold breeze on a boat ride.

Holger planting the criminal seeds in Don Brown that would be blossoming after a trip to the bars later. Check those old school rides out holding the wall up…

The calm before the blazing cupcake storm.

I’m not sure what’s worse. The fire ritual going on or the staggering waste of delicious food scattered across the carpark. I was an uncouth mixture of stoked and devastated. BUT! after the flames died down lovely girls came running in with fresh pizza for the group of sausage-wielding nutjobs who just created the mess of a lifetime for them to clean. They didn’t so much as bat an eyelid. Superheroes.

This is the definition of an intern’s nightmare.

Bobby drew first blood!

Fresh out the slammer, freestyle legend and Soletech’s other head honcho, Don Brown tells everyone to ‘stop spinning around‘ so he can give his introduction to the brand presentations to come – Etnies, éS, Emerica and Altamont.

Bobby Worrest shares – quite literally a few words about his shoe at the Soletech press day

The BOSS says the new Altamont garb is killer.

Everyone was loving the new Bobby shoe. ‘Black vulcs are a trend, they’re just a trend.

Inside the Etnies showroom. More on the radness of g2 and e-suede will follow in the full feature.

e-suede vs regular suede. 2500 kickflips later and here is the result.

This is a shot of Angel getting a better angle of Etnies’ new collaboration shoe with BlackLabel, due in June when the new BlackLabel video drops.

Again, Davide steams in and gets a better shot of this lovely Etnies X thunder number. The tag is a riser pad! The tag is a riser pad! The tag is a riser pad!

More whacky furniture. Here’s make your own conveyor belt sushi restaurant at home kids!

Sharing some words with Rob Carlos on the new happenings with etniesplus.

More from the new Etnies TF soon…