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Crossfire Southbank Jam Goes Off!

Well, what can we say?! Crossfire’s annual Southbank7-Set Jam went down in style on Saturday with incredible skateboarding and special guests from all over the world.

The 7-Set Jam was won by Plan B rider Adam Howe who licked the £200 cash with a switch 360 shove it. He was followed by Reese Westlake in second place with a shove it late flip and Australian Enjoi Skateboards rider Richard Flude came in 3rd with a fakie flip shove it.

Enjoi pro Louie Barletta won the bank jam with a blunt frontside flip out on the block which was insane, Alai UK pro rider Chris Oliver won the manual/rail jam with a straight ollie that cleared the entire manual area and the rail plus some pretty swift manual skills. For the record, Blueprint’s Neil Smith was the only skater to 5-0 the rail that was set up on the day for the jam.

The cheese block jam was won by Richard Flude with a kickflip nosepick from the bank although Australian Quiksilver rider Josh Roullion came close with a fast nose grind into the bank from block and unfortunately Element rider Lucien Clarke or Chris Oliver could complete what they wanted to get down as the Crossfire minutes melted down on the clock.

The Southbank was rammed with over 400 people, spirits were as high as usual and the atmosphere was electric thanks to all the people who came down and supported the event.

Also , big thanks to all of you who skated down to the mayors office to protest about the state of UK council funded skateparks in the London area. The secret 5 minute jam was a total success, winners to be announced in the feature.

Look out for a full feature on this site as soon as we can russle up the footage and photo’s. If you have good pics, please send them in to

The event will be featured on Genex at the Extreme Sports Channel on August 3rd.