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Crossfire Southbank Jam 2007

Updated 14th September


OK, it’s finally here. One of Londons finest skateboarding get togethers is amongst us. One shitty stereo, a crappy megaphone that doesn’t work (in fact the new one still has not been delivered to HQ yet) a couple of hundred top geezers and a crate of 1664 should do the trick followed by a cracking party in Camden.

One change to the info below is that Paul Machnau is injured and did not make the flight

This years’ Crossfire Southbank Jam in association with Globe Shoes has been officially scheduled for Saturday 15th September underneath the Queen Elizabeth Halls in London.

This years first confirmed guests will include Paul Machnau, Adam Dyet, Gailea Momolu and Terell Robinson from the US Darkstar Skateboards team, plus UK riders from The Harmony, Death, Blueprint, Heathen, Independent Trucks, Plan B, Creme, Casual, 50-50, Heroin, Karma, Spitfire Wheels, Independent Trucks, Creature, Landscape and the UK Globe Shoes Team.

The after party will be held at Klub Kerrang! in the Crossfire Room from 10pm-late. Get tickets at and search for Klub Kerrang! Tickets are something silly like £4 each on there.