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Crossfire Xmas Cracker!

This year’s Crossfire Xmas Jam in London was quite simply off the hook. If you missed it, you missed the biggest and best event London has seen since Cher floated down the Thames a top a Warship gunner. Boom! Everywhere was going off, and the buzz lasted well into the wee hours of the morning thanks to a booze fuelled afterparty at Mau Mau.

Obviously we’re all a bit shattered and drained from such a heavy weekend of madness, so please let us take a couple of days to recoup. In the meantime, here and here is just a snippet of footy – thanks to Jono and SlimJim for uploading it so quickly.

Here are the day’s winners. No sinners here…


Ski-Jump- Alex Decuhna w/ BS 360 and a Kickflip

Koston Block- Ollie Smith w/ FS 5-0, BS Bluntslide and FS Nosegrind on the top.

Curved ledge – Jak Tonge w/ manual Kickflip out and FS 5-0 FS 180 fakie nosemanual drop down.

Mini ramp – Kyron, Dean and Micheal


Mini ramp- Greg Nowik (White Trash/Globe) w/ Blunt 360 flip in, ollie back foot flip, double flip fakie and huge tweakery.

Rail Jams – Boots (Death) w/ Kickflip FS Boardslide & big spin FS Boardslide. James Gardener (Globe) – Front blunt slide big spin out.

Taj Mahal Wallride sesh- Rob Smith (Death/Duffs) w/ Kickflip indy footplant and hitting the roof.

Whale tail wallie bar- Chris Oliver (Alai/Vans) w/ BS Smith, BS Nosegrind revert, switch BS nosegrind revert and wallie kickflip out head height!

Glasses raised to:

Special thanks to Sidewalk Magazine plus Kingpin, Document and Trisickle, Extreme Sports Channel for sending staff to cover the event, look out for future editions for coverage.

Big thanks to Death, Blueprint, Kill City, The Harmony, Casual, Independent Trucks, Landscape, Heroin, Karma, Plan B and Blind Skateboards for their rider and product support and also all of the other teams that turned up on the day (Duffs whole UK team for sure) and a monstrous shout out to Globe shoes for sponsoring this annual event for the second time running without having to even think about it.

Last but not least huge thanks to all of the people who attended and helped us before, during or after the event this year, if you make the effort to be interested, we will never let you down.