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Crime in the city

City Skateboards have premiered their first video, Crime in the City and now they want to share the amazing feature with everyone for free!

In a bid to undermine the faceless criminals who upload the latest releases directly to Youtube, City offer an individual rider’s part each week for free on their site. A good initiative that upholds the fact that patience is a virtue.

The first free installment goes to Dave Bachinsky (c.f. FS flip photo c/o City Skateboards), City Skateboard’s latest amateur overshadowed by the fearless feat of Kickflipping the 20 stairs at El Toro. Surprisingly this rinsed fact has been sidelined and Dave just wants to take tricks like the hardflip to new and ridiculous levels. Here is the listing for the next individual parts:

Dave Bachinsky – 19th Jan
Russ Milligan – 25th Jan
Alex Klein – 1st Feb
Eduardo & Jimmy – 8th Feb
Tony Montgomery – 15th Feb
Jeremy Reeves – 22nd Feb

To compliment all this good news, Jeremy Reeves and Russ Milligan are City Skateboards newest pros! Read up on these two in the latest Slap Magazine and The Skateboard Mag respectively.