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Cliché On A Vendetta

Ok, footage is gold and Cliché rock 24 carat material when they’re on show, so feast your eyes on this ( ) , another wicked trip with the Cliché crew in Sicily.

Between trips abroad, a couple of football matches and having a baby- Congratulations!- Jeremie Daclin is a very busy man, but knows that to build a successful team you need to keep an ear to the street.

The French flow team has just been announced, so take note of these names because Lucas Puig used to be one of them:
Seb Housset, Thibaud Hetroit, Matthieu Christin, Mathias Swick, Joe Dezecot and Ludo Masselot.

With one foot on board and the other in an office, rumours of Jeremie and fellow Cliché rider, JB Gillet opening a skateshop in Lyon are slowly solidifying. The new shop will be called ‘Ballz Out‘ and situated at 28 Rue Bugeaud 69006 Lyon….