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Chet Childress is pro for Heroin Skateboards

It’s official. Heroin Skateboards has yet another new pro rider today and it’s Luda Crooks! Fos has been working his magic in California and has snapped up the king of all party airs today.

Talking to ESPN on how this happened, Chet Childress says: “I don’t know, it just did. Shimizu kind of said something to me. I didn’t know what I was doing. I got offers to ride for some random stuff and then I talked to Fos (owner of Heroin) and it just seemed like a real cool thing — and I dig Fos’ art. The board should be out soon and I’m going to be filming a video part, which I’m psyched about doing again and again and again. The main thing about this is that I’m re-stoked. I spent a couple months not really bummed on skateboarding but not really that motivated. I was skating, I love skating but I didn’t care about any of the other stuff and this got me fired up to do a couple more things before I disappear into this dumb world.”

Heroin welcomed Danny Shimizu last month. As Burnley’s finest moves forward across the pond, who do you think could be next to join the ranks?