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New Birdhouse site & trailer

After being a bit quiet of late, Birdhouse have revamped their website and announced the release of a new video offering in the autumn. Nearly a decade has passed since the monumental The End, so it seems about time doesn’t it?

The Beginning will feature the whole team including Ragdoll, Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, Steve Nesser, Shaun Gregoire, Brian Sumner, Shaun White, Tony Hawk, and even Tony’s son Riley will make an appearance.

Go check out the new website at for news, photos, and the trailer video for The Beginning (which looks like it’s going to be nuts), or if you fancy this new socialising malarkey, click on the re-launched Birdhouse Myspace page and keep asking Sumner to give you a picture comment. Or something.

Also live this week is an interview with Birdhouse Willy Santos, click here to get there and win his boards in the comp page this month.