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Build your best skate spot with Red Bull DIY

Josh Rosenberg - Lifestyle

Summer holidays just got way more interesting thanks to Red Bull who have delivered bags of concrete and tools to 17 independent UK skate shops this week for you to go and pick up for free and build your own DIY skate spot.

The best spot built over the next 2 months will be judged by an expert panel and the winning crew will receive a free skate trip to Bulgaria. Note that the winning crew is said to be made up of no more than 3 people.

Check the list below to see if your local skateshop has been delivered the goods and get planning. Once you have built your spot, you need to send photos to to enter.

The competition will be running from July 25th September 25th after which the DIY Tour will take place between 4-8th October (TBC). The top spots will get a visit from a team of top skaters, giving the crews the opportunity to ride the spot they have created with some of the top UK skaters.

More information can be found at

Participating skate shops include:

Level Skateboards in Brighton
Native Skate Store in Newcastle Upon Tyne
Welcome Skate Store in Leeds
Parlour in London
Ideal in Birmingham
Focus in Edinburgh
Freestyle in Newport
Skate Pharmacy in Margate
Note in Manchester
SS20 in Oxford
Fifty Fifty in Bristol
Big Woody’s in Blackpool
Bored Skateshack in Cornwall
Endemic in Huddersfield
Decimal in Cirencester

Red Bull’s Korahn Gayle said ”This is such a good opportunity for crews to build a spot for all their friends to skate! They can put in all the obstacles that they love to skate and to do it with a load of mates would be a perfect project for the summer, which could be topped off with an amazing trip to Bulgaria.

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Lazrao Reyes, Steve Young, Jason Ranft - Action

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