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Brophy joins DVS

ANDREW BROPHY has left Circa Shoes and is the latest addition to the European team over at DVS who seem to be marching strong for 2006.

Originally from Margaret River, Australia, 20-year old Brophy has been living in London for the past three years, skating the famous South Bank on a daily basis, as well as traveling throughout Europe. His pop and great style have made him one of Europe’s most promising amateurs and earned him an official spot on the Cliché roster.

If you have not seen Brophy’s latest photo in Sidewalk Mag then you are missing out. He ollies a huge, waist height road gap at mach 10 with ease. Look out for it in a future Moves Gettin’ The Moo’s on this site.

DVS are obviously chuffed to welcome Andrew to the team, Mathieu Tourneur, DVS European team manager has been quoted to say “Andrew’s motivation and ability on a board are unbelievable. We’re really excited about his addition to the team“. Mathieu has also denied rumours that he locks up on fakie rocks on mini ramps at Bay 66 lunch-time Revival sessions, but Matt Anderson, (another spokesman from Revival) has mentioned that if it came down to it, his rock fakies would be fit to compete in this summers proposed company comp at Bay 66!

Andrew Brophy joins fellow DVS European riders Paul Shier, Mark Baines, Janne Saario and Kristian Bomholt.

Go to for more info and look out for the DVS Europe website coming soon.