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Bright Bowl carnage

Ich bein ein bowlrider!

The Bright tradeshow (euro ASR) scored heavily this year with the Boardstein Bowl contest. It was pure carnage as Europe’s biggest transition fiends were let loose on the indoor bowl featuring a massive cradle, vertical wall ride, vert extensions and tight tranny.

Here is the winners list:
1. Anders Tellen
2. Nicky Guerrero
3. Roman Astleitner
4. Guillaume Mocquin
5. Thilo Nawrocki
6. Moritz Rech
7. Ferit Batir
8. Daniel Beck
9. David Martelleur
10. Christian Vankelste
11. Julian Dykmans

And here is the super sick footage, filmed by Michael Novosel. Yama boys David Martelleur and Ferit Bati are going to be hurting… Shouts go out to Muckefest Skateboards for repping.