Bournemouth lowrider takes the pain away

Today’s news comes thanks to Matthew Weston down in Bournemouth. To give you a little background on Matt’s situation, he unfortunately had to have spinal fusion and is currently waiting for the bone to grow back before he can skate properly again.

Whilst at home in the wait, (and you can imagine how tedious that wait is right now) Matt has racked up a lowrider for fun and has told me today, that if you have a spare set up you don’t use, then you could do much worse than make one of these. The fact you can’t quite steer the thing just adds a little some thing to the mix too!

“I’m not sure if the fact that it’s lower to the floor or if it’s actually just been such a long time being on a board, but it feels bloody fast! I’ve not tried bombing any hills on this yet, but think I might find a crash test dummy like Danger Dave or one of the NPNG crew down at Kings Park for that!”

All of us here at Crossfire wish Matthew the very best for a speedy recovery.