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Bored of boards

It always cracks me up when people try and re-invent the skateboard without actually having ridden one before. I once entered a comp to win some mental contraption with wings on the side, but I preferred to ride proper boards. Anyway, whilst fishing for rations to fill our atomic bunker, we came across these two gems. One good and one very very bad.

Exhibit No.1 is the love child of an Artiste and a bumper pack of Haribo Starmix – the Modern Convenience board. I quote their advert when I say, “They look so cool you won’t even want to ride them.” Hmmm…? Well with the $525 price tag, I guess you might not even want to go near one…

Exhibit No.2 is far more functional and realistic. The Swiss street technicians at 242 Skateboards have brought out the Good Combination Series in association with artist Plus41. Pairing up various Hollywood notables (Prince and MJ, Darth and Luke, Tubbs and Crockett, Arnold and Willy and Monica and Bill) and signing them with their riders signatures, this series taps into an area of Chic that the Swiss know very well.