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Blueprint Produce

Blueprint has served up some tasty new decks and wheels to get your greasy mitts on this month.

The Afterhours range, which features pro models from the usual bunch, and the Artwork II series are both available right now.

Any fellow monster footed fellers out there will join me in welcoming the release of the Gilded Grande decks, weighing in at a respectable 8″ and 8.25″ each. Decks with girth and two new sets of wheels, the Pro Fellowship and Team Infinity mean that Santa has come early this year.

Other Blueprint happenings include Mikey Wright helping the Nike SB team claim the throne at the recent “We Are The Champions” competition at the Works in Leeds, whilst Baines and Shier are out reppin’ t’Print in Malaga on a DVS trip.

Good timing on escaping this god awful weather lads, ya lucky gits!

Blueprint are the latest skateboard company to be involved in the forthcoming Meanwhile 2 Gap Jam, visit for more.