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Blind box set incoming

Too much wanking makes you go Blind

I sense a few 20 to 30-somethings are about to bust their load when they find out what Blind is about to release… The Double Set DVD box which includes What If?, Video Days, Time and Henry’s Pack of Lies and all the Blind sections from the old World Industries videos i.e. 20 Shot Sequence, Trilogy, Rodney Vs, Daewon Round 1 & 2!!!

In other words Blind are throwing the book at all self-respecting street fanatics. Hopefully this early Xmas stocking filler will instigate the re-issuing of all the aforementioned World Industries videos… In fact, Girl have finally decided to release their quadruple box set (Goldfish, Mouse, Las Nueves Vidas de Paco, The Chocolate Tour) on DVD, and they’re even throwing in a bonus DVD with loads of random skits and odd bits and bobs. for more.