Skateboarding News

Birdhouse getting busy

Those nice chaps at Birdhouse gave us a bell and told us all about the new video they are working on. Apparently Willy Santos is going to shake things up a bit with a hot new part- for appetizers check the latest issue of Transworld Skateboarding.

Meanwhile, Tony Hawk hasn’t got to prove himself anymore, but obviously he does because he has teamed up with Shaun White a.k.a. The flying Tomato (The Americans have really got to quit those stupid nicknames!) for some heavy vert sessions.

Finally, the rest of the team are busy getting to know oneanother’s bodily odours as they trek across the States, passing through Pheonix Am so Brandon Westgate could place 7th. Expect words with the East Coast grappler soon!

Oh, and Steve Nesser is doing his own thing with a trip to Tel Aviv and the opening of his skateshop, Familia in his hometown of St.Paul, Minnesota.