Billy Bragg wades into war of Southbank

Ph: Karen McBride

Left wing socialist and famed UK musician Billy Bragg entered the war of Southbank yesterday in a new feature published online by the Guardian newspaper. As a member of the arts committee at the Southbank Centre, Bragg wades into the debate on relocating skateboarders to the Hungerford Bridge claiming that there’s a lack of rehearsal space at the Undercroft for musicians and that skateboarders are not willing to discuss moving down river.

To cut to the chase this is a choice feature coming from someone who throughout his entire life stood up and backed the little man, fought as a political activist on so many issues, yet sat in his £1.5 million Dorset home this morning has probably woke to read the plethora of negative comments posted on this article and wondered why he bothered.

A blog feature written by Johnny Void in response to Bragg’s outburst calling Bragg a millionaire “knob, who knows nothing about austerity” was also subject of debate yesterday as the words resonated across the mainstream and skate scenes.

Quote of the Day: “These people just can’t be reasoned with, Billy. You’re going to have to fight them. Preferrably on roller skates, or failing that little fold-up scooters.”

Look out for a Southbank Reunion gallery feature from last Saturday’s get together on here soon with many faces from the 70s, 80s, and 90’s who reunited reminisce their pasts at SB.

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