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Bastien Salabanzi Off Flip

All good things must come to an end. Love him or hate him Bastien Salabanzi has parted ways with Flip Skateboards.

The Congo born-French bred ripper shot to fame when he hit the contest circuit hard and blew people away with hella consistent runs, doing tricks that most pros hadn’t dreamt of trying to pull during their 60 second dash. Bastien knew there was competition and wasn’t afraid to let everyone know he knew it – Something that would later cause a lot of hate for the Champ.

But Bastien was never one to let critics get the best of him and threw down not one but two amazing parts for the Flip videos. In any case, the Backside boss has been released by Flip and will probably emerge elsewhere.

Where? Who knows… we wouldn’t be surprised if Bastien quit everything and pursued a career as a guitar player, only to come back and kill the competition again and say, “I told you so!”