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Alan Glass turns Bro!

Alan Glass (better known as ‘Street Lethal‘ for those of intimacy) has come a long way since his days of solitary confinement in an editing suite for blue movies.

Heroin Skateboards took him in to film the grunts the groans of young boys instead, and he has gone on to produce some amazing videos over the years including Everythings Going To Be Alright and Live from Antarctica..

Fos and the team have decided that Alan deserves a little reward for his hard work in this less glamorous line of business with a Bro-Model. A limited run of 100 Bro Models have been pressed and screened with an homage to the great Jim Phillips Rob Roskopp graphic.

This is surely one of the greatest boards ever made, so lift a gothic goblet to the man of the hour- Alan Glass!