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6 Years and still strong!

We have to thank you, yes you for us reaching 6 Years of Crossfire Malarkey today.

6 Years ago on this very day, we threw a party at the Paradise Bar in Kensal Green for skaters because it was just long overdue. September 11th had just gone by and the scene needed to let it all out. The nights turned into days and we could never have imagined where that one get-together would have taken us back then.

To this day nothing has really changed. We are still independent, solely owned and run by skateboarders without the restrictions of corperate bullshit and in control of what we have built 100%.

Raise your glass this weekend to the amount of time and effort you have put into what we do here as so many people contribute to what we do, forming a community that will never be broken or sold to no bugger.

Thanks so much for your support, it means a lot to me personally and the crew here at HQ who work their asses of for the love of skateboarding and great music.

See ya at Southbank for our Jam today or indeed tonight at Klub Kerrang! at Koko for the party.