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Send your bonelesses for Boneless One Day

zac_crossfire_ boneless-one1December 1st marks the day that Gary Scott Davis aka GSD, invented the Boneless (originally called the Boneless One).

To celebrate one of the best tricks in skateboarding, various skate mags, blogs etc will be celebrating this day by publishing photos and footage of bonelesses thanks to our friend at Soletech, Don Brown who came up with the idea. So if you want to be involved in this fun, send your pics and footage or both to us and we will run them on this thread below.

The boneless has been hucked out and mastered by so many amazing skaters over the years in so many different ways that we could be here talking about it all week. Thankfully we have a week to do exactly that so start thinking about who does the best bonelesses out there and throw them into the comments below.

To reminisce a few classics, the Gonz has a cute boneless and loves to chuck them into random situations. Neil Blender has an awesome boneless in his trick tank and then you have the likes of Tony T, Sean Goff, Jeff Phillips, Ludacrooks, Jeff Grosso, Lance Mountain, Ben Raemers….fuck there are so many who huck the bone.

Get involved in this for the hell of it and we will host your photos below. Your submissions don’t have to be new, as boneless ones never age. Get amongst it and dig out one for the sheer hell of it today. It goes without saying, but please share this link with friends you know who love a boneless.

To make sure we don’t piss off any photographers, please have permission to send your snaps to us by letting us know you have permission to post this on our site and please leave us with the photographer’s name for a credit.

Thanks Zac.

Photo of Meanwhile One above by Ray – below Raemers at Rom by Tom Halliday


First out of the blocks 20 mins after this was posted is Jack Isaac who hucked one down the Cardiff Sports Cafe steps and at the Cardiff Plaza:

Sam Roberts was caught by Alex Burrell’s lens skills here:


Luke Jarvis hucks one out at Royal Oak for Hula’s camera

Dickson at Shralp Ya Bass in Scotland sent in these 3. First up, Colin Adam gets hip on Falkirk’s concrete.

Colin Adam again boosts one over the funbox at Blantyre Skatepark.

Creature’s Stu Graham loves a Boneless. Dickson caught this one off the cradle at Saughton.

Stevie Thompson prefers dropping them backside.

Pooch drops a large one over Jak Tonge for AD’s lens at Skaterham – Photo Austino..

Craig Davis finds time for a boneless at the St Mirren bowl down in Cornwall.

Ben Wilkes snapped one of Revolution Skatepark’s Joe Hubbard at night time.

Forking Hell. Carl Wilson finally makes this backside B shot by Jono.

Daniel takes the stairs with one sent in by Liam Clarke.

Mini ripper Luke Schoonbrood keeps the old school rocking at Saffron Walden’s curves. Pic by Tom Halliday. Send yours in now.

Richard Utterage goes frontside at Kennington’s legendary concrete. Ph:Tim Peet