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Reflections 2010: Daryl Dominguez

Daryl Dominguez PortraitPortrait: Dan Lonngren
Homepage Image: Pas

After laying down the goods at more or less every Crossfire event we’ve thrown in recent years, Daryl Dominguez has really made a name for himself this year. Many Londoners would have normally found him throwing down the best varial heels and 360 flips you’ve ever seen in Meanwhile 2 or Bay 66, but alongside an expanding trick selection Daryl has frequently escaped the big smoke while still maintaining that friendly local vibe and has proven to be one of the UK’s most capable at making a session awesome and fun. He also does backfoot flips every now and then and that shit should just be encouraged each and every.

After a busy year he joins us for another series of Reflections from 2010.

What did you learn most from 2010?

‘The only moment that ever exists is right now’ – Eckhart Tolle

Best personal moment of 2010?

Funkadelic at Glastonbury, tripped out.

Favourite skate trip?

I was in Holland for about a month in the summer, just skating and partying every night with good friends. Hit up the Dam AM then went to Basel for the ESC. Filmed a lot of stuff in between too.

Favourite song of 2010?

I listen to a lot of music man, it’s┬ámurder asking me that!

Most satisfying trick filmed/landed and at what spot?

I really shouldn’t say… It’ll be in my Haunts in Sidewalk though.

Newest trick learnt?

Nollie inward heels.

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Stay Gold

MVP of the year?

Nick Remon, he seemingly came out of nowhere and killed it!

Fresh blood tip for 2011?

Kyron Davis if he ever stops linking chicks.

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Finally getting this Haunts done, the Almost video and Euro trip.

Tom Asta on Spitfire Wheels

This is just a pisstake. Switch front heel kills it.

Same Shit, Different Daewon (HD)

Favourite skater… just goes to show he’s been killing it since day one!

Family Guy – Publishing Penquin

Not a web edit in any sense but amazing. Tea, biscuits, Family Guy. Penquins are dope too.

Robbin Oost – F/S Feebs

My good friend Robbin Oost. He comes from Holland, smokes trees all day and does shit like this. Look at that shit! He’s fucking surfing!

Lucien Clarke – Mag Minute

Lucien Clarke’s Mag Minute. What a badman. RELAXED, stylish and as sound as they come too. The edit itself is dope, music fits like a charm.

Bless, Daryl