Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vox Troopers

I have a lot of time for the simpler things in life and the VOX Troopers are a pristine example of how simple life could be. The shoe is a tasteful blend between the Rowley 1’s and Fallen’s Chief model, not a bad mix, dare I say!

The design of this particular model suits nobody more than the everyday skateboarder who endeavours for a bit of transition as well as being wild on the streets. I wouldn’t recommend these for stairs and drops, but they are great for hips, bars, ledges, banks or anything that’s not too strenuous on the heels as their cushioning leaves room for improvement. The vulcanized soles are grippy and will keep you attached to you skateboard like snot sticks to a woollen blanket! This will wear off gradually, but that’s bound to happen to any skate shoe and these have lasted me for a good couple of months!

The shoe has a very stable hold on your foot and the suede uppers takes quite a while to soften up, but it does and that’s what counts! The side panels sport embroided logo’s, which blends in craft fully with the rest of the shoe’s design. Under your laces rests a ventilated mesh tongue with perforations to keep your toes ventilated and smelling fresh, which is a good thing, considering they are protected by thermo plastic reinforced toe box.

VOX Troopers are decent and I’d say you definitely get what you paid for, a stylish design with simple features to suit your everyday needs…what more do want?! This obviously does not apply to D3 lovers. (Riders of the storm!)

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