Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vox Death Destroyer

Once upon a time collaborations didn’t exist in skateboarding, especially when the industry was on fire across the board and the need for collaborations wasn’t as in much demand. But these days as skateboarding becomes core again, the collaboration has emerged as standard practice with all sorts of brands teaming up to bring you something special.

One collaboration that raised eyelids recently is the Vox/Death shoe. Vox have used their Destroyer for this which comes with the famous Death Skateboards skull and crossbones on the side but what are the shoes like? Being used to a gum sole i found them a bit clumpy to start off with but as soon as these broke in they were rocking my feet.

Like any seude shoes, they are gonna go through wear and tear like any other but these held their way throughout a bunch of street skating and mini ramp sessions. Vox mention that the shoes are made from high quality suede or action leather upper plus a thermo plastic toebox reinforcement. Now does this mean that the next time i skate the Antarctic my tootsies will not freeze? God knows but i would probably imagine that they have adequate support for your toes of which was definitely felt whilst riding.

Vox have come a long way in a short time and they will only get better as time goes on. I had a good run in with the Beerhunters at the beginning of the year so Vox have been lurking ontop of my griptape a fair bit this year, let’s hope like Zorlac they ‘keep on keeping on’.

Chuck Bangers