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Volcom Weirdoh Solid Shirt


With the weather demanding long sleeve shirts for the next few months we delved into Volcom‘s latest collection to live with their Weirdoh Solid shirt and found out the following information.

Firstly, and most importantly, this shirt was washed on a 30′, then hung on a hanger, it dried perfectly leaving it looking fresh without the need of an iron. Yeah. That’s all you need to know other than it’s extremely soft and comfy. There’s nothing worse than having to waste time ironing clothes, it’s one of those menial tasks that bores the crap out me. I looked into what possibly causes this and it could be due to the ‘asymmetrical back yoke’ built into the shirt that acts as a hanger in the fit. There you go, you learn something new everyday.

Thankfully this also comes with a perfect cut. It’s shaped and ready to go straight out of the bag with tiny branding above the breast pocket.

Total winner for around £49.