Skateboarding Product Reviews

Volcom – Cuspid Shirt

The heads at Volcom are regular purveyors of quality garb for all kinds of styles a skater may ask for, and this is something they have proven year after year. Although their range currently extends far beyond the typical flannel and cord lines that skaters tend to sway toward more often than not, what they offer in this department is as top-shelf as you’d expect. The Cuspid comes in a ‘Wood’ colourway which is the kind of post-Dulux colour range title job I’m really into, and it sure is the colours one would expect an iconographic woodchopper to be covered in. And judging by what the kids are wearing at skateparks and what my own wardrobe is full of, what we all sub-consciously want to be doing when we’re not rolling around on a plank of finely chopped wood is chopping it. So this is spot on.

The shirt comes in a classic fit, which I believe is a little looser than what the skinny white kids in E1 are parading around in; perfect for someone with a budding beer belly like myself. The material isn’t at all irritable so there’s no need for another layer underneath like I often find necessary with many shirts of this style. Though the coming UK winter chill may render the shirt redundant for keeping you warm and snug, it’s a fine shirt to lay amongst the others in your wardrobe and will get a regular outing when the weather doesn’t call for nine hundred sweatshirts and a coat too big to fit through standard size doors.