Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans TNT 4

Tony Trujillo is one of the better skateboarders of modern times and his vision in this era of progression and outdoing others, is focused on pure aesthetics and straight up functionality. This is very well portrayed in the design of his 4th pro model on Paul Van Dorren’s shoe company of 1966, Vans.

The shoe has no exciting features, it can’t make you a cup of tea and won’t fetch the newspaper for you on a Saturday morning, but it will hold you hella tight when you’re hitting up a frontside standup around a bowled corner with waxed to fuck pool coping!

They’re simple shoes with a big heart, not bulky at all, but sturdy enough to get really street on it’s sole. The uppers consists of suede and canvas, while the waffle treads are wrapped in vulc, what more can a man ask for in a shoe?! They have got triple stitching on the toe cap, which obviously good, because this means you’ll be kicking in these for months and months to come.

I really like these and think of them to be of similar nature to the TNT 2’s, which I think was one of the best shoes I’ve ever skated. It’s not a fat shoe, but it’s not quite as slim as the Old Skools either, they’re great for everyday use and genuinely work well for the skateboarding thing you’re all obsessed about. Good board feel, but strong enough for flips and lips.

I will honestly say this, if I had these when trying to get a better shot of a back smith on bowl with no flat bottom and a 6ft deep pool coping, I wouldn’t be struggling with a semi smashed knee cap right now and would be out there grinding trees, cars and horses!

You know these are good, don’t um and ah the decision, if it’s practical you’re after with style in mind, get these, they’re perfect for all sorts of skateboarding. for more.