Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans – J-Lay

As you may know, Mr Layton has been on the Vans team since the summer of 2006 and now reps his very own Johnny Layton Signature Collection. including apparel, faded classics and the full line of endorsed pro skate heaven.

For the last month I have had the luxury of having these black beauties on my feet and they have skated well, so well in fact that once I blew them out (no shoe lasts forever) I had to delve back into the mix to get some more.

I found them to be comfy and skateable straight out the box with the classic vulcanized sole and waffle malarkey doing wonders in the grip department. There’s not much protection from the constant abuse of ollies so you know what these ended up looking like in the end but the outcome is simple; they are black, they look cool, they were super comfy and J-Lay as he is called is one lucky fucker. Click here for the full rock and roll briefing and colourways.

Paul Samuels