Skateboarding Product Reviews

Vans AVE Sk8 Low

Before I start this review, allow me to lay down some facts. Vans have been around for years, fact. Probably before you were even born. They don’t make naff skate shoes, fact. Anthony Van England shreds, fact. Having said all this, I’m confident with the idea that you’re already thinking along the right lines when it comes to this shoe. Now, we all know Vans have been looking out for skaters feet since people rode clay wheels, so they know that their doing. With this shoe in particular, the only problem talking about it is that there’s not really anything negative to say about it. But I’ll try and unearth some flaws, providing I actually find any.

Firstly the only negative thing worth mentioning is that the laces seem to snap on a daily basis (depending on the session, of course) but it’s not like your not used to that anyway; and let’s face it: lace protectors are so 02. Moving swiftly on, these shoes, like all good Vans, are empowered with the everlasting genius of the waffle sole. So before I even mention it, you know it’s going to be grippy as fuck and takes a hefty amount of foot dragging to so much as wear them out slightly.

However, the board feel doesn’t suffer and is just as impressive, balancing foot sensitivity and cushioning perfectly. I guarantee that nine out of ten people that are reading this have tried and tested the waffle so need I say any more? Something hugely appealing about this shoe was that not only can you skate them straight out of the box, but they shape your feet perfectly and feel real snug. To put it simply, these shoes don’t mess about. They hold firmly around your feet for there entire lifespan and don’t leave your feet swimming around your shoe, with laces that are there purely for show (I’ve seen you so don’t deny it!). Something that you can’t help but notice with these foot covers is that they possess a relatively long toe area, which not only makes it easier but gives your feet an extra strong flick when you’re flipping the board. And you really do notice it! An added stroke of genius in this shoe that was inspired by the ‘Vans Sk8 Hi‘ is that the toe is significantly low so the damage to the toecap when performing flip tricks is remarkably minimal. It’s a classic for a reason!

Additionally, the firmness of the sole helps to prevent warping, so they don’t feel like slippers after one session. And to top it all off much like the pro himself, they do take a beating without quitting. This shoe really does do AVE justice. Did I mention they look fresh? Believe the hype!


Warren G