Skateboarding Product Reviews

Syndrom Varnish Series

7.8 x 31.6

If you’re a Crossfire regular, you might recognise Syndrom from newsbits and even a few Moooves. Basically, Syndrom is an independent French operation headed out of Marseille. They pride themselves on being different and pushing the local scene whether its running a board company or getting parks built. I had spotted their first line of decks in a skateshop and instantly noticed the unique concave. To explain simply, these boards were essentially flat with direct inclines of the nose and tail. No curves, no dips, no shit!

The Syndrom Varnish Series comes in 4 different wood grains varnishes – Oak 7.6, Cherry 7.8, Walnut 8 and Mahogany 8.2. I got to try the Cherry tree stain. The concave on these boards is supposed to be progressive, even if it seemed very minimal, as it increases the further you place your feet up the board. Initially the board feels flat as an ironing board and then the nose and tail have steady ascensions to the heavens.

The minimal concave on this deck definitely made for more stability in boardslide manoeuvres. Both the nose and tail have no concave or rocker effect so your foot sits flat across either end of the deck. This accentuates pop, but also renders the habit of getting the right scoop or flick all that harder.

It took me almost a month to really get to grips with this board which can seem like an awfully long time if essentially you want to buy a board, grip it and rip it within the hour. However, the overall finish and standard with which these boards have been finished, results in one of the most solid and strong decks I have ever ridden. Add to that the beautiful wood varnish and you’re aesthetically smiling.

It might be worth tracking one of these down if you’re ever on the continent, and keeping an ear to the street for future designs and construction innovation from the Syndrom camp.


Ralph Lloyd-Davis