Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire Highlander Bag

I must admit that when I was told that I would be getting a Spitfire Backpack to review I did wonder how the hell I was going to review a bag: “Does it hold stuff? Yes? Its a good bag…”

Sure enough the postman arrives and I was pleasantly surprised. (With the bag, not my postman, I’m used to him by now…) Being a fan of the plain and understated, I was dreading having to wander around with some God awful man purse that looked like it was made out of one of Stevie Wonders shirts, but at first glance the Highlander bag is a straight forward, simple looking rucksack with some nice details. Custom raised embroidered Flaming Heads a plenty, and the padded back panel has the best and most easily recognized skate logo on the market stitched into it. So it ticks the “looks good” box with ease.

The bag itself is a well made 6 pocket affair made of sturdy heavy-duty canvas, with comfy, ergonomically designed shoulder straps and a padded fleece iPod pocket, should the need to be antisocial arise whilst skating. There are enough compartments to keep your laptop and your digital camera a safe distance apart or to stop you getting crumbs from your Ginsters pasty all over this months Razzle depending on your various requirements for a backpack. It’s got board straps if you’re more concerned with carrying your board around than actually riding it and has all sorts of hidden pockets for whatever it is you lot might need to hide in small, well concealed places… Say no more.

I’ll be completely honest, I’ve never needed a backpack to skate with. My balance is bad enough without hanging something on my back to confuse matters and I dump everything I need in the boot of my car before setting out. However, traveling here and there and being too impatient to wait at a baggage carousel means that backpacks are my weapon of choice for holidays and excursions with this now well up the list. Ive been slinging the random crap I need in and out of it and trundling around with it like my life depended on it and everything is still in tip top order. Its the perfect size, being spacious without being bulky but large enough that your not going to fill it up with one hoody.

The only thing I will whinge about is the constant tinkling of the zips as you wander down the road but other than that is a pretty tidy bit of kit and based on the short time I’ve been using it, it seems like it’ll last for ages. As if that wasn’t enough, as an added bonus its named after the best film of the 80’s to contain a sword fighting Sean Connery. So overall, I’m stoked on it. Give it a go and check out the latest online Spitfire catalogue here.

Ed Bowen