Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire – Church Burners 666 52mm

On the 6/6/06, Spitfire released 666 sets of wheels to commemorate the very existence of pure evil that lives within each and every one us. I decided there and then that I would happily partake in their march to keep death alive by placing an order for a set of the darkest wheels to ever roll above ground.

With years of excellence through experience, Spitfire colour coated another set of beauties with their fire stencils and produced a set of burners that will suit almost anyone who rides a skateboard. These are 52mm in size and ride 99A in durometry, a combination that makes them suitable for street skaters as well as pool riders.

They are hard, but not hard-lined, which means the roll tough, but doesn’t feel like you riding on plastic. They slide with ease across any skate-able surface and burn fearlessly on all kinds of terrain.

They hold their line in a 10ft concrete bowl equally as well as they do on a 4ft wooden mini ramp, but in a size small enough for you to get silly on them ledges, which makes them perfect for the all rounder. Only downer is that one of them flat spotted quite badly on a blunt slide-(out), but over time they made a full recovery and are still rolling strong, even though I guess they’re slightly smaller.

I haven’t had a chance to take these to S-Caterham, as I’m slightly sceptical about them setting the place on fire, but given the chance, I’m sure they’ll survive just fine within the walls of a skateboard church…only time will tell!

Live FAST, Roll FAST