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Simon Evans Altamont t-shirt series

British skater Simon Evans is the latest guest artist for Altamont and has designed two exclusive t-shirt designs that are available this month. Simon’s artwork reflect the stains left on society by the poor and the rich and bring something totally unique to Altamont’s ever growing clothing range that also include works with G.G Allin in this recent Spring collection.

Evans grew up in our local area skating South London, Surrey and London’s street spots and made his mark back then by hooking up with New Deal. His graphic works can now be seen in galleries worldwide showcasing his irony and absurd humour to enlighten the eyes of those who peep into his world.

Watch this recent video interview for a brief insight on Simon’s life with classic footage from Southbank days of old and much more. It’s great to see that his art and vision has travelled so far. In fact, if you are reading this Simon, the last time we skated together you borrowed an elbow pad off me at the Worcester Park spine ramp, but it never came back – please post it to the address below mate…