Skateboarding Product Reviews

Savier – Freemont

Seeing as Savier pulled the plug on their shoe manifesto a while ago, you probably won’t be able find these shoes anywhere. That’s a shame because I think they are one of the best pairs I’ve ever owned. When I first slipped my size 10.5s into these they were tight. Not ‘tight’ in the slang way, ‘tight’ in the Cinderella silver slipper style. However, this loosened up and soon the Freemont was moulded to my foot shape. I took advantage of the hidden lace hoops, but applied a bit of Shoe-Goo to the side seams because new griptape and cotton don’t mix. Now, the best bit about these Savier kicks is the fact that I’ve been skating with them all through Summer, so that means a lot of skating has gone down, and all they have to show for wear is an insignificant hole on the side and a little bit of the underfoot that has worn away! In my books that is pretty amazing when you know that some shoe models on the market are dead in less than 3 weeks. Too bad Savier pulled the plug because they were definitely using some good materials…

Ralph Lloyd Davis