Skateboarding Product Reviews

Royal Trucks

I have always chosen the tougher and subsequently stronger variety of truck throughout my skateboarding years. Your ‘lightest ever’ truck just wasn’t an option during my youth because every session involved many gaps, stairs and rough ledges. However, as I have grown old and rusty, the 10+ stairs over yesteryear are long gone and I now enjoy brushing up on my flatground tricks and manual prowess. It was time for a change in truck, so along came Royal.

First of all, colour schemes and ‘signature’ models do not interest me because if anything it’s a gimmick for the kids and a little more money for the pro with holes in his pockets. I need functionality and easy bushings. Royal came through with both. I was really pleased to see that I could skate these grind twins straight away without using old rubbers. It only took a quick turn of a tool to get the tightness right and I was off. I do ride fairly loose trucks, but even if I didn’t I doubt the trucks would have caused any trouble. The grind was fair, not as smooth as I have previously experienced, but good none the less.

I strongly advise trying out a pair of Royal trucks for anyone who wants some thing light and stable but strong enough to withstand the odd gap session. I don’t advise these to serious transition or downhill skaters because they aren’t very wide and might risk wobbling a bit at high speed (Ed. I did bomb a few steep hills with these and I was alright…).

Verdict: 7.5/10