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Ricta 52mm Geoff Rowley Chrome Cores

Busy filming for one of the most anticipated releases of 2009, Geoff Rowley has taken time out of his busy schedule of jumping between ridiculously high containers and risking life and limb for your entertainment to put his name to another in a long line of signature urethane from Ricta.

These 52mm Chrome Cores come crafted from Ricta’s White Lightening Urethane which claims to be more resistant to flat spotting than regular wheels. Initially I was skeptical, as regardless what anyone tells you, every wheel will flatspot eventually and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ‘UNFLATSPOTABLE’ WHEEL. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m not the heaviest in the park and I have been known to skid round the last few degrees on almost all the tricks I try but the last few weeks I have been skating them they have held up really well. This included coming out unscathed from learning rad spins and slipping out of laybacks on wood and concrete ramps which usually kills wheels and gives you the dreaded machine gun effect the next time you drop in.

All in all they are good hard wheels that look like they will last. I had a hard time getting speed out of them on larger ramps and some old dudes pointed and laughed when I skated Big Woody’s bowl in Blackpool but that’s to be expected as their 52mms are probably more at home on a street board but overall they are worth a few of your hard earned pennies and their jazzy Dark Blue cores make for a more interesting set up than the plain white deals you’re probably rocking at the minute.

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8/10 (losing a couple of points for size, 54 and I’d be all over em)