Skateboarding Product Reviews

Review: Hubba Wheels Mike Wright 52mm

The UK has it’s very own secret weapon in the skateboard game. He’s truly got his own thing going on, pulling out tricks you didn’t think possible and combining them with life threatening stunts that will leave you wet in your y-fronts and shaking with anxiety. If you don’t know of this Northern marvel, then I suggest you quit riding a board with handlebars and 2 rubber wheels, otherwise referred to as the scooter. These contraptions are for girls, won’t get you laid and instantly become a hazard when used during fierce electrical storms.

Mike Wright’s wheels, like most out there, are pretty standard in the sense of being a 99 duro, come in a pearly white urethane and allow you the option of selecting 52 or 54mm sizes. I didn’t know Mikey’s age, so I was a little bit sceptical about the 2 ales on top of the black Union Jack that wraps the outside of the wheel, but it turns out he’s old enough to get dirty on liquor, so I don’t have to worry about any underage drinking skateboard union mom chasing me round the streets to confiscate my rollers!

I can safely say that my first Hubba experience has thus far met expectations and after a power trip in Eindhoven’s Area 51 skatepark, Amsterdam’s indoor facility as well as the city’s 8 ft concrete kidney bowl in moister than average conditions, they held up beautifully and still rolls fast and round to this very day.

Get wet.