Skateboarding Product Reviews

Nike SB Dunk Mid

Having not worn a pair of mid-tops for a while, and being generally disappointed by the Dunk when it came out, I bit the bullet and combined the two whilst trying out these Nike Mid Dunks.

Timberland boots is what I thought when I first saw them, and thankfully they are nothing like them. I know Tom Penny can do magic in those beetle crushers, but I need something a bit more slimmed down to get crafty on my board.

Being mids, they had plenty of ankle support yet gave enough movement to get my kicking flicks on with ease. They felt a lot stiffer than the other Dunks I’d tried, which is definitely a good thing as those always felt like someone wrapped my foot in a really cheap pillow.

The sole on these is thin and flexy, gives the perfect amount of board feel yet also gives you that confidence that a primo landing isn’t going to send you hobbling home crying, like you’ve just been caned across your sole.

One gripe is that the Velcro ankle strap does restrict your ankle a little too much, but leaving it undone means you have a flappy extra bit of yellow flying around. Not too much of a problem, but if something with the opposite Velcro side brushes past your foot, it’s gonna stick to you faster than the last drunk girl at a party.

One great advantage to these is that because they look like the kind of shoes you’d find on a woodyard, they perfectly match the collection of lumberjack shirts that you have piling up in your wardrobe, so there’s no excuse not to wear them all the time.