Skateboarding Product Reviews

Nike SB Classic Cliché

Nike are known for their collaborations and special edition shoes, with mashups coming from the whole country of Sweden, to Slam City, to MF Doom. These collabs are the result of hooking up with Europe’s finest skate team, Cliché.

I’ve gotta say it. I love Nike Classics. They’re comfy, they last for ages, look good, and skate oh so well. Which is why I was a little shocked when I put these on and instantly felt like I was wearing wooden clogs. The nubuck material they’ve used was so stiff that it’s taken a few weeks of walking down the shops to soften them up enough to skate in.

They were very good once they got to that point. The flock wallpaper patterned material is mad-strong, and despite laces snapping every 10th trick, they just aren’t wearing away, save a few scratches around the toe.

Cliché know what they’re doing, and I’m glad they went for the Classic instead of the more obvious Dunk. Years of history behind these shoes has lead to something that skates like a dream, but still looks fresh enough to go out chilling in. Good touch with the corduroy swoosh as well. Corduroy is rad.