Skateboarding Product Reviews

Matix Flannel Fall 2010

Flannel shirts are a trend that won’t ever die. And so they shouldn’t; because flannel shirts aren’t unique to one subculture as other trends tend to be, they are timeless, they are comfortable, they are warm and they are awesome looking. So thank god that pseudo-summer we just had in the UK is beginning to fade, for as the mornings feel a little crisper the layers are coming out and we can get a little colour to match those fallen leaves as a big ‘sod off’ to all the grey skies. Crossfire were given two of Matix’s latest designs in their fine fall 2010 to test out. It’s not so often a ‘product test’ requires little more than going out and looking fresh to death, but we’re very grateful when it does.

Mike Mo Memphis

This shirt came as a surprise for two reasons. One, is that it marks the first time I’ve strayed from a red based colour pattern on a flannel shirt because my mood is terribly impressionable and frequently dictated by the colours I wear. Red makes me feel like I’m on fire and so I’ve stayed clear of blue in the past in case I become a melancholic ball of abject glumness. Fortunately, this bad boy has ‘Memphis’ built into it so I was awash with bluesy rock and feeling as cool as The King must have felt prior to the 70s.

The label is complete with Mike Mo’s 8=D connection so if you’re sick of all the twits rolling around in American Apparel jeans and stinking up the skate scene with a that irritating undeserved sense of cool accomplishment then this is a shirt to be proud of. It’s a slim fit, has a rich and sleekly neck fabric that is most pleasant on the skin, has dual chest pockets (for the much sought after ‘serious business hipster’ look, why not try putting fountain pens in one and a pack of lucky strikes in the other) and has a penis on the label. There’s not much more you can ask for.

Apart from…

Smokehouse Cardinal

This, is what I’m talking about. Perfect red colourway, a lightweight sherpa underlining, sleeves lined with taffeta, very inconspicuous dual pockets and a real comfy slim fit. It’s an absolutely gorgeous and comfortable shirt that got baggsied the second the package got opened. And it’s real nice and warm, perfect for autumn and can even be rocked on a crisp winter morning. Maybe a little too soon to be wearing now but hasn’t stopped me; the people who sit next to me in the office will just have to deal with the sweat because this shirt is too dope. I can’t stop touching myself when wearing it because it’s that comfortable, and if you think I mean something inappropriate by that then take your minds out the gutter and wear this for a while and see how much you touch yourself.

Bellend Sebastian