Skateboarding Product Reviews

Marc Johnson Lakai pro shoe


With the British Summer in full swing right now it’s all about canvas shoes. Not only do they wash well unlike suede, they are more forgiving when it’s hot and our feet should be the highest priority considering the amount of grief we all put them through in every session.

Lakai‘s latest winner is the new Marc Johnson model. Famed for being stolen by the dude in Fight Club in the clip below, MJ has chosen a pure chiller with a slim footbed, griffin outsole and a lightly padded upper for comfort. Since the Lakai Camby has effectively taken all the honours for the ultimate off-board choice, MJ’s versatile skate shoe can either get you through a sesh or assist you at the bar. The choice is yours, but keep it skater owned for maximum stoke.

These should be in skate shops this August, ask your local SOS to order them in for you.