Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai Riley Hawk shoe


Lakai’s latest Riley Hawk shoe is well worth considering for the months ahead. As with most of Lakai’s signature range kicks, these were comfy straight out of the box and feel like they are there to support you 100%, not surprising though considering when Hawk was designing these as they are based on both a mix of the old Marc Johnson shoe that is now called the Daly, mixed with their rad Camby shoe and the Owen. If you know all three kicks, then you should be aware of how comfortable and durable these are when on your feet.

I much prefer a slim skate shoe with a vulc so this ticks all the boxes and also come with what Lakai call ‘luxe-lite insoles’. As soon as your feet hit them they carve out their own shape. The fact they are made by skateboarders, for skateboarders is also a bonus in this day and age of sheep wearing sports shoes. Plenty of different colorways on offer too. What more do you need?