Skateboarding Product Reviews

Lakai Manchester

Sometimes doing something you’ve wanted to do for ages has a negative effect in the end as your expectations have reached their limit and you find it hard to find new reasons to be happy with your newest addition.

I’ve had my eye on a pair of Manchester’s from the first time I saw them in the suede. The simple design and flat sole made it look like the most comfortable skate shoe I have ever laced my eyes on, until I finally got a pair, which exceeded my expectations 10 fold!!!

The first thing that impressed me about my new kicks was the fact that they are so skinny and soft, yet your foot feels totally secure inside the perforated panels of suede which ventilates them old socks quite br-easily. I also thought the thin polyurethane tongue was a nice touch and rounds the shoe’s design off in a practical and simplistic manner.

The main point of my concern was the soles durability and its impact resistance. I wouldn’t recommend these for big 4’s or leaps of faith (unless your gonna ride it out bolts), but for everything else they are brilliant. The articulated cup sole formula must be the reason why these puppies are so popular amongst skateboarders. They flex beyond belief and your ‘board feel’ is something that’s hard to describe, its kinda like skating in your favourite pair of socks, without worrying about harming your feet in any way! They have an excellent grip contrast and I think they are very much on par with the famous waffle sole that we all know and love.

The shoe’s overall design is beautifully crafted, the blind stitching sees you fit to ride these for longer than anticipated and the durable gum sole leaves you wanting to ride a second pair. Lakai certainly worked towards a skateboarders need when the created these and if there was a prize for ‘Shoe Of The Year’, then I’d nominate this model for first prize.

Live Fast, Ride Fast: 2P