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Krux Louie Barletta Pro Model

Krux BarlettaWith the majority of skaters split between the low and light or tough and buff designed trucks, it doesn’t leave much attention for the dozen other axle companies out there fighting for the undecided consumers. Often this competition leads to silly gimmicks being thrown into the mix. Krux know this and don’t shy away from self-mockery, in fact to a point where one of their first pro model trucks has been given to Tiltmode jester, Louie Barletta. If Krux and Louie know how to have fun, then the combination of the two must beam a little sunshine on your skating…

Despite being a thorough bred fan of trucks that were built to grind, it was time for a change and seeing how Krux are actually moulded by the same foundry as the market leader, I figured, why not? As I set up a pair I noticed how the kingpin had been shortened so as not to catch during rabid grinds. If there’s something worse than a wasted axle nut, it’s the wasted kingpin nut. So thumbs up to that important detail.

Once I was rolling I quickly felt how fast Krux trucks turn. The hanger design played imtricate angles with my skating, but essentially I found the bushings to be a bit too soft. I popped back home and swapped the bushings for hard mofo’s and the session was on! Usually the hard bushings really were too hard, but somehow they moulded to the Krux design perfectly and have left me with the perfect balance of twist and turn that I like.

Turns aside, essentially trucks bear the brunt of harsh grinds and slides. The Krux Barlettas performed well and didn’t stick or slip when I attacked metal, marble or stone surfaces. If anything everyone, myself included, got a good laugh at the Louie Barletta portrait of shock and horror emblazoned on each truck. The fear of an endless grind obviously worried the fellow.

Now, seeing as I have ridden virtually the same trucks since my first ‘real’ board dropped beneath my feet, it’s hard to believe that there is another option out there. Krux have got their heads screwed on straight and their trucks really tick each box (bar the one for tighness). If fact, they even serve you after the session as impromptu bottle openers. You didn’t thing that hole in the hanger was for aero-dynamics, did you? Then again…