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Iron Fist Heartcore Duffle Coat

Iron Fist are steadily making waves in the skateboarding world, building up their skate team roster after recruiting vert Legend Darren Navarette and Death’s very own Moustache Aficionado Patrick Melcher so it’s great to see that the clothes are up to scratch as well as the fledgling team. The lovely folks over at Iron Fist HQ sent me the Heartcore Duffle Coat coat from this season and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It’s a fairly lightweight slim fit wool duffle coat with a zip front, push studs and classic duffle fastenings to make triple sure that you’re not getting a draft in and has a couple of spacious pockets for storing whatever it is that you might need to store. As an added bonus it’s not super padded so you don’t end up sweating like Michael Jackson’s doctor any time you wander in from the cold which in my opinion is a definite plus point. It has double buttons and straps on the sleeves and the back to adjust the fit, comes with a detachable hood and has a small subtle Iron Fist Logo on the chest. I would recommend trying it on first as it is on the slim side so you might want to go up a size if you are ordering it online but that’s just an observation coming from a slightly less than slim fit reviewer.

As rad as this coat is, I probably wouldn’t think to rush out and buy it as it is catering to the smarter end of the skate market, which I seldom venture into but it is well made and could be one for the Christmas list to keep you nice, smart and warm for the new year. It’s not the cheapest on the market but like most things you get what you pay for and as with all other Iron Fist gear its top quality that you know will last. It’s smart enough that I’ve been wearing it into the office and Mrs Dickfingers has her eye on it already which is a pretty good recommendation and a sure fire indicator that I will lose it sooner or later.

Talk to your local skate shop or click here for stockists.