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Independent Trucks Winter Apparel


Independent Trucks Lined Coach’s Jacket and Clipper Windbreaker

Popular with golfers over the years, these wind breakers have found a use in the world of skateboarding and rightly so.

Independent (alongside Thrasher) have made these for years and have progressed from standard, thin, rain coats to the now fully lined, slim line, lightweight breakers providing warmth from the lined 100% polyester inner that doesn’t allow you to over heat when you skate but also protecting your body from the wet elements we are so used to having to deal with here in Europe with the addition of the 100% nylon shell on the outside.

The hooded version has a simple zipper, front pockets with drawstrings on the hood and waist line accompanied by a black and white indy logo front and back whereas the standard version is black, red and white, hoodless with collars that you can do up to the neck with poppers as opposed to a zipper. This version has a front red and white indy logo, an indy cross on the middle back and a written red and white logo on the back waistline.

These are built to spill like any other Independent range so grab one to day if you live fast and ride tough.

Independent Trucks Skate Tool Belt

It’s no secret, skating with a rucksack attached to your back is nowhere near as fun as the free flowing runs you can have without the burden of carting your accessories about for a session. But as you know, someone somewhere needs tools to loosen or tighten trucks and wheel nuts, change kingpins that have snapped or tighten truck bolts.

Independent Trucks have the answer to your prayers as they have patented a stylish belt that has everything you need to change your rig on the road. Now this could sound like a nightmare and you would think that this invention would be bulky and get in your way, but the truth is you do not even notice these options are there once you belt up and hit the road.

Genius inventions like this are few and far between in the skateboard world, only brands that have been there since the beginning will never let you down and with this brand being at the forefront of the scene since 1978, this belt is set to be a sure fire hit with skaters all over the world, go get one today.

Independent Trucks “The Fix” 149 Jeans

Independent have everything on the go these days in terms of accessories and clothing to compliment their ever impressive skate team riding their trucks and with the jeans market open for competition, they have filled a gap with a 100% cotton jean that simply offers your bottom half the threads you need this winter.

The cut allows flexibility and are not too tight so your knackers move freely when you ride, they are not over branded so you have no worries about feeling like a walking advertisement board and are soft to wear from the off. Wash them alone before you wear them so that they can secrete the colouring and these will wash out leaving you with a naturally looking worn jean just how they should be.

Go to to see all of their range.

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