Skateboarding Product Reviews

Independent Duffel Jacket

Branded by glory and fashioned by the best, the Independent Trucks Duffel jacket kicks ass!

I didn’t hesitate to grab this jacket after the first person who was offered it’s comfort turned it down because it was too big for their nut-hugger needs. Independent know that products must be of the highest quality without any unnecessary details, and this jacket stands testimony to such a production ethic.

To begin with, this jacket does exactly what a jacket is supposed to do which is keep you warm. The insides are padded and the collar is tall and thick with a wooley material that doesn’t itch. In fact, the collar deserves a mention because it can either be folded down to make you look like a lumber jack, or an East-end market trader, or folded upwards to block any cold from your fragile face. The collar is also wide enough for you to wear a scarf, just in case Hell has frozen over.

The next point that places this jacket way above a lot the other items on the skateshop rail, is the quality of the jacket’s finish. You won’t find any loose threading or botched details on this baby. Areas are double stitched for strength, and the buttons are pretty massive and firmly attached via loose hoops, so the jacket can be sealed securely. The Independent logos are discreet which ten times better than what can be said for some billboard-esque items of clothing on the market right now.

Finally, and probably most importantly, you can skate in this jacket. I would have though a duffel jacket would be too bulky to get a good shred on in, but this Independent jacket is light, flexible and strong. The jean type material used for the outer shelters you from the rain and wind alright, but it really comes in handy when you accidentally take a full body slam to harsh surfaces whilst out and about on your board.

I honestly can’t find anything wrong with this jacket, except perhaps the lack of a hood, but to my knowledge most duffel jackets don’t have hoods. So, Independent lay yet another laurel on their finest quality production levels by adding clothing to their long list of achievements.


Ralph L-D