Skateboarding Product Reviews

I-Path Langston

In all honesty my feet had not graced a pair of I-Path‘s for more than 10 years. When the Cats came out in 1998 they changed the way skate shoes could feel, they were actually really comfortable instead of flat and unprotected, in fact so comfortable that skating in them was a dream but buying a spare pair for chilling in was also a must thanks to Matt Field’s vision.

A decade later the Langston turn up in a box shipped from up North and my feet are feeling exactly the same way as my debut. There’s no breaking-in to be done here, they slip straight on with no fuss and are ready to go straight out of the box bringing what can only be described as instant comfort, a happiness that can only come from an I-Path shoe.

These latest kicks backed by Timberland are made of suede but do come in a coffee hemp finish and look dope. They come with a volcanised sole, organic cotton stitching and of course the trademark stash pocket under the tongue so you can hide your personals.

The suede versions feel and look like moon boots due to their soft feel and bold gray and white colourways, so expect your first mission in these to be out of this world! Go hunt these down as they are the perfect skate shoe for when the sun is shining.

Emilio Gonzales